Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Internet day? Who cares?!

ernet day" (it was formerly known as "Telecommunications day" -I wonder by whom-, but not anymore). How do you like this? Hmmmm.... I guess I'll have to buy a present for my ISP, and maybe for my PC as well hahahaha.
To be honest, I can't find any reason for which we should celebrate the web on a specific date. What the hell are we supposed to do on such date? Maybe the groups that are organizing this thing are thinking that people will react as if it was a special date to commemorate, but I can tell you what will happen:
Nobody's gonna buy any presents, so it won't activate the economy.
Nobody's gonna take the day off, so it won't be useful for people to spend more time with their families.
Nobody's gonna stop using the Internet, so the usual web traffic won't be reduced at all.
Nobody's gonna use Internet more than they'd do in a normal day, so the web-based services won't become more popular than they are now.
I'll express my thought about this invented day with a brief sentence: WHAT GARBAGE!!. Let's not waste our time trying to remember more useless dates in our calendars.


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