Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Random thoughts

Sometimes I feel like writing but no inspiration comes to my mind. I am sorry to admit that today is one of such days in which, no matter how hard I try, not even one word comes out from my mind. And as I can't target on any idea, I decided to write some random thoughts today, just to feel somehow philosophic...

Thought 1. Hard times have an end: Sometimes we feel as if the world was collapsing right over our heads. Don't lose hope and faith, those times will come to a happy end most of the times.
Thought 2. Think twice befor acting: I think that this is one of the most repeatedly heard advises that people give to their friends and relatives. Unfortunately, it seems that we just don't understand its real meaning, which is supposedly very logical. Is it very difficult for us, human beings, to think of the possible consequences of our acts before doing anything? Believe me we usually don't see anything beyond our nose.
Thought 3. Don't get trapped into negative thoughts: This is a valuable advise. One of the worst things that can happen in life is to live tied to a negative memory. It's sometimes hard to get through some situations, but remember that life isn't trapped in a bubble, and we can always go out to explore the world and to seek for experiences and help that will allow us to get into the optimistic and positive way again. No negative thing is the end of life.

These are only some of the thoughts that I'd like to share with you. Believe me I'd like to write all of them, but it would take me too much time! At my point of view, the best suggestion I can give you about this is to acquire and forge your own thoughts by yourself, as experience is the best teacher in life. Don't forget to share a happy face with the people around you every day of your life!!


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