Tuesday, March 13, 2007

YouTube Idol

I've had the opportunity to spend some time watching some videos in You Tube, and checking the comments and messages that the users leave regarding such videos. I noticed that a curious phenomenon has been occuring lately: Thanks to the popularity of YouTube, and the ease to interact with its interface, many people have had the opportunity to rocket their singing careers by reaching great awareness in diverse regions of the world.
I found some personalities that deserve a special mention for their bravery to launch their videos on YouTube, for their talent to perform, and for the popularity they've gained. Here are the individuals who make up this selection (fun guaranteed):

1. Mr. Jat (Mexico): According to information that I've been able to get about him, it looks like he is rapidly gaining popularity in the Mexican city of Guadalajara. Check his video (below); although it's in Spanish, you won't need to understand the lyrics to appreciate this guy's talent. His speed to rap is absolutely amazing, and his voice mixes perfectly with the music to create a unique blend. Now that, if you do speak Spanish, I'm sure that you'll enjoy the poetry as well:

2. Delfín Quishpe (Ecuador): There's a theory that suggests that this Ecuadoran singer got inspired to write this emotional song after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York in 2001. It looks that his girlfriend worked in one of the towers. The result is this terrific-quality video. I am very impressed with the sadness of the music. Again, this song is in Spanish, but you won't need to understand the lyrics to appreciate the beauty of this masterpiece:

3. The Chinese Singer (China): This girl's video has been watched more than 85,000 times in YouTube. Although that's a sign that she's becoming popular, I couldn't find her name. However, she looks like a promising rising star. The modulation of her voice is very delicate, and her facial and bodily expressions let us know how much she enjoys singing so wonderfully, more even in the a capella demonstration (from which se receives a big applause afterwardws). I think that we have our next Maria Callas on her way to fame!

I bet you're astonished with so much musical quality, just as I am! Phew!


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