Friday, March 02, 2007

Compassless Army

Who could believe that a group of Swiss soldiers invaded a neighbouring country as part of their "routine"?
Sounds awkward, but it's true. At least, it was true once this week. According to a note that appeared in a Swiss newspaper, Blick, a group of about 170 Swiss soldiers entered by mistake the territory of Liechtenstein, a small landlocked country that lies east of Switzerland.
Swiss representatives explain that the incident took place during some routine in the border with Liechtenstein. As the border is not clearly demarcated, the group of soldiers entered inadvertently foreign territory, and they kept going for about two kilometres inside Liechtenstein.
However, the invasion wasn't noticed in Liechtenstein by the national security forces (which, I believe, comprise only policemen, as such tiny country does not have an own army), mainly because the troops weren't accompanied by machinery or helicopters that could provoke any noise. Nevertheless, the authorities of both countries agreed that this was merely an accident and no diplomatic frictions arose then from this strange event.
Perhaps it's time to include compasses in the default inventory of the worldwide famous Swiss knives used by the army in Switzerland, isn't it?


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