Saturday, February 24, 2007

Taco Rats.. Yum, yum!

Taco Bell's food has never been one of my favorites. In fact, I'd say that I don't like it at all, because in my personal point of view, it has nothing to do with authentic Mexican food at all (if anybody has tried authentic Mexican food, will know what I mean for sure).
Anyway, I know many people who do like Taco Bell, which is very respectable. I wonder if they'll feel like going to any of their restaurants any soon after watching the video that shows a dozen of rats running all across a KFC/Taco Bell place in New York City and having lunch there.
The images are very clear: The rats running under the tables, through the kitchen, under the drinks machine, and technically everywhere. And those animals don't seem to be very frightened by the presence of the media, taking pictures and recording video of the bizarre scene.
Yum Restaurants, company that controls both Taco Bell and KFC, will investigate the case in depth. Meanwhile, they closed that specific location and they'll try to analyze the problem with the franchise's owner. The franchisee, by the way, was allegedly warned of the possibility of having rats in his restaurant by authorities from New York city back in December. However, it looks like they didn't care too much about it. Even more disgusting is the fact that, according to some neighbours, that problem has been there for several months now, when the restaurant was still in full operation!
But I believe that images are a much better way to understand the case. Here's a video from YouTube, which contains an extract from CBS News covering the incident:

Yuks! After seeing this, I'll modify Taco Bell's slogan a bit: Yo NO quiero Taco Bell. At least, not with rats!


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