Friday, March 09, 2007

River Plate 0 - 1 Caracas FC... not as tragic as it seems

Many Argentinians must be sad today. Especially, those who follow River Plate, one of the most popular soccer teams in such nation.
In a country where soccer is seen almost as a religion, incarnate in the figure of Diego Armando Maradona, there can't be anything more degrading than losing to the visitor team, especially when such visitor team is a foreigner and, in fact, comes from a country where almost nobody cares about soccer and where the soccer culture is far behind the one in Argentina.
Who would believe that River Plate would have it difficult to win its game against the almost inoffensive Caracas FC, from Venezuela? Why should anybody doubt that this would be an easy one for River Plate, playing against a team that has never managed to win in Argentinian territory? The tragedy was unforeseeable indeed. Caracas won 1-0 this game of the Copa Libertadores (a tournament similar to the Champions league in Europe), and gave River Plate's fans something to cry about.
Obviously, I mock about the situation. It's pathetic the way in which soccer is worshiped in Argentina. The truth is that soccer is a sport in which teams sometimes win and sometimes lose (a truth that really hits the ego of quite a few hinchas in Argentina), and of course, Maradona doesn't have any power to avoid that. Shall this result illustrate to all those who see soccer in Argentina as the most important thing in life that River is only a team, soccer is only a game, and nobody is invincible.
Glad to hear from this result, and congratulations to the Caracas FC.


At 1:53 PM , Anonymous nessa said...

actually, we DO care about "soccer" here in Venezuela...we just don't care about venezuelan "soccer" lol

at least I don't...unless we beat those cocky argies

At 2:51 PM , Blogger Eddie said...

Hahahaha that is hilarious, nessa... As a curious fact, I thought for many years that there wasn't a Venezuelan professional soccer league. Now I understand why: Venezuelans don't care about it. However, beating River Plate was awesome.
In any case, Venezuelan baseball is excellent, so you have a good balance there!

Thanks for visiting and for your comment, please come back!


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