Monday, March 05, 2007

Counterfeit Starbucks?

Starbucks Coffee's business model has been exemplary to many. Its aggressive expansion campaigns have brought Starbucks shops to many cities in various countries around the world, where they sell their expensive coffees and offer access to the internet.
Their business model has arrived to India as well. It is precisely in such country where an entrepreneur named Shahnaz Husain decided to follow somehow their strategy.
What features of Starbucks' idea will she apply to her own coffee shops? Will it be their Italian-fashioned names for their beverages? Or maybe the Human Resources Management policies...?
According to Husain, her model is 'totally different' from Starbucks'. She didn't disclose clear details of her idea, except for the projected name: STARSTRUCKS!.
After hearing about such an original name, Starbucks Corporation decided to enter a controversy to avoid Husain of using the Starstrucks name, arguing that it is 'deceptively similar' to the Starbucks brand.
But Husain doesn't seem to be interested in getting a settlement, if that means not using such curious name. So lay back and wait for the fireworks to begin, as it looks that this story will last for a long time...

Click here to read the original note in Yahoo! News


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