Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The death of Captain America... so what?

It seems really odd to me to read different newspapers and various sources of information, and to find in all of them a note relating to the fictional death of Captain America.
Yes, Captain America is a widely-known character in the comic book industry. Yes, all of us have at some point of our lives read one of those strips where Captain America saves the world. Yes, he has been an influential phenomenon for comic book geeks... but still, such kind of news is completely irrelevant, mainly because it's a fictional event - pretty much, crying the death of Captain America is like crying the death of a Tamagotchi. And it is even more irrelevant if you think of the various occasions in which some superhero is killed in a strip, and then magically resuscitates on the following issue (like happened with Superman in... hum... how many occasions?). It looks like those superheroes have more or less the same powers to come back to life as Kenny McCormick of South Park. The only difference is that Kenny's deaths don't appear in newspapers, nor in ABC, nor in CBS.
But hey, not all is bad news for people who really feel sorry about Captain America's tragic end. Marvel, the comic book company, announced that Captain America's movie will be released soon! Will it be worth watching it, or is it going to be another swindle like Spiderman and Superman were? Let's wait and see.


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