Saturday, March 03, 2007


If the Winter Blues (or any other reason) is making you feel alone in the world, and you live in the area of Tokyo, Japan, then you should know that the solution for your needs is closer than ever to you!
Now you can enjoy the benefits of walking around the streets with an inoffensive dog that will provide you company for a couple of hours per day... in exchange of a modest price that you'll have to pay to Puppy the World, a company founded in 2003. They're dedicated to renting dogs to people who feel alone (in that sense, I understand that Japan is a huge market).
The prices are reasonable: 1,900 yens (around 12 euros) per hour, and 10.500 yens (more or less 66 euros) per day. For the latter option, I don't believe that the fee covers food for the animal. Of course, cleaning after the dog and having it appropriately leashed are responsibilities of the lessee!
I would normally criticize this kind of business, but in this specific case I find a very positive reasons to support Puppy the World's idea (and I'm sorry for people who'll feel insulted by my comment): Renting dogs can discourage people of buying more dogs. Honestly, we don't need more of them in our streets, and I mean worldwide. So I really welcome this type of business, would be good to have similar things around the world if they really discourage people of populating further our cities with dogs (I have good reasons to wish that. Click here to read more).
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To visit Puppy the World's website (in Japanese), click here.

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