Friday, December 29, 2006

Office Depot, indecisive about the origin of its products

A world of curious mistakes...
It looks like globalization is really hitting hard some companies, in the sense that they're being quite inconsistent when deciding the place of origin of certain products... or maybe it's just a funny mistake.
No need of more words to introduce this post, which can explain itself with a simple image of the label of a product that I bought today at a local Office Depot store:
Just in case that the image looks quite blurred in your screen, I'll write down the text on the label:
"Made in China for / Fabriqué aux E.U. pour Office Depot, Inc. 2200 Germantown Road. Delray Beach, FL 33445 Copyright 2004, Office Depot Inc."
In French, the text "Fabriqué aux E.U." literally means "made in the U.S.". So certainly a simple translation of "Made in China" in a brief label is fatally flawed.
Weird, ain't it?


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