Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Beware of the dog!

I apologize beforehand with all those individuals who'll feel hurt about my comments in this post, but there are good reasons to expose the following.
Believe me, I like animals. I really do. I consider that they are beings that in many ways contribute to preserve life in our planet. Some animals, like the ones who serve as pets and live in urban areas (frequently dogs), have a direct positive impact in human life too, like guide dogs do.
But there's something that we can't forget about dog pets: They're still animals, and as such, they are more driven by instinct than reason. That means that they don't always react to stimuli in an intelligent way; I would even dare to say that, regardless of how docile they usually are, there's always a latent inherent risk on their behaviour. There are many examples that could be cited to defend such theory, probably the most famous is the case of a French woman called Isabelle Dinoire who underwent a partial face transplant in November 2005 after her own dog mauled her while sleeping.
Other cases have been reported in various parts of the world. Here in Canada, for example, just today appeared a note in The Globe and Mail (one of the most important national newspapers) where it's documented a case of a couple of unattended Rottweilers that attacked a two year old boy in Ontario without an apparent reason (click here if you wish to read the entire note from The Globe and Mail).
Myself, I have been attacked by dogs in the past. I have seen people with serious injuries because of bites of domestic dogs. And not only that, but just today I had a scary situation with a dog. For no reason, some dog (I think a German Shepherd) appeared today in the street where I was walking, it barked at me and was really willing to attack me. I am really lucky to say that I was able to escape the situation without any kind of injuries.
And all because of what? Because of irresponsible people who own dogs at homes and don't lock them or place them in areas where they can't attack people in the streets, or even put them a muzzle for other people's safety. The most common, selfish and ridiculous thing that I always hear from people who own dogs and don't have any consideration for others is "he doesn't bite" or "he doesn't attack people". In the most extreme cases, I've seen dog owners that walk it around without even a leash. That's a popular way of underestimating the dog's innate aggressiveness. But when attacks do happen, it's always the same excuse: "Oh, this is strange... this is the very first time that my dog attacks a person".
Do you own a dog? I'd suggest you to keep it off the reach of other people when you're not able to keep an eye on it. And when you do keep an eye on it, like when walking around the streets with your pet, use a leash to control it (and if your dog is a big and strong one, a muzzle as well). There exist regulations in many places in the world where it's stated that dogs' owners are responsible for any damages or injuries that the animal causes to third parties. So don't be one of those irresponsible owners, and avoid some trouble to yourself and your dog too!


At 7:17 PM , Blogger Chico said...

I agree. As a dog owner, I find nothing more annoying than a dog at large when I take my GSD/Lab mixes on their walk. Usually they are pitbulls that are running loose; and my 80 and 90 lb. dogs feel it is their duty to defend us from these roaming canines. After all it is in their nature to protect what is their's.
Many times I have had people come to my home(I breed Chi's) and try to make friends with my guard dogs. When asked if they bite I always answer; No, not yet today, but he will if you try to pet him. It's not that he isn't socialized, he just takes his work very seriously and is a no nonsense kind of dog when he's working.
And it's just because of that lady in France that I don't allow my big dogs to sleep with me.
Chico's mom

At 1:57 AM , Blogger Justin said...

Ya, its true that they are animals but they too have their likes n dislikes. In many cases, I have seen that people disturb them n so they get angry n bite anybody they finds in their path.
Om now chill out with this funky post on my sweet kitty

At 10:30 AM , Blogger Eddie said...

Yes, I agree with that. They can feel threatened sometimes. But, as they can't differentiate between real threats and imaginary threats for themselves, it's always better to secure them, I guess...

At 3:16 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The woman who had her face destroyed by her lab had taken an overdose of pills in a suicide attempt. She collapsed on her kitchen floor.No one was there to see what happened--only the terrible result. However dog experts believe that either the dog was trying to revive his master and he became agitated from the bizarre situation where she would not wake up,and or perhaps the licking behavior also through agitation became consuming behavior.

This was a weird set of circumstances and most likely not the lab's fault. The reason why the international medical community questioned the wisdom of giving this woman a face transplant was that she was, after all, suicidal which is not generally a good prospect for success.

What I am trying to say is this case has nothing to do with an attack by a dog while you are sleeping!

At 12:09 AM , Blogger Eddie said...

Well, nothing about suicide attempts has been proven, as far as I know... and the facts are the facts, the dog attacked her and destroyed her face. I'm not trying to say that dogs are evil, but gee, they're still animals and you can expect undesirable things from them from time to time!


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