Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hands up! Or I shoot my slingshot

I just can't get enough of this. This is the world of the most unimaginable things. And regarding police corporations, I thought that the most amazing thing on Earth were those gardaí in Ireland, who aren't allowed to carry any weapons by law and defend themselves with nightsticks.
However, I discovered that there are always extravagant things that shade what you thought was impossible to shade. It happens that in the Mexican city of Tijuana (one with the highest crime rates in the country), the police corporation suspects that several members are in drug trafficking and mob activities. As a result of this, the high commanders in the corporation decided to take some 2000 members' weapons to analyze them, which will help them to know if they have been involved in illegal activities.
But of course, nobody wants to have 2000 unarmed policemen guarding the streets. That's why the city decided to give them powerful slingshots (just like the ones in the picture above) to chase dangerous criminals and to protect themselves against possible attacks!
I think that it would have been less humiliating to let them defend themselves with their own fists. Strange stories in a strange world, indeed.
Photo by EFE


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