Thursday, January 18, 2007

Big Racist ™

Some years ago, when I first watched Big Brother, the first thought that came to my mind was: 'How would anybody find this interesting?'. What I watched there was nothing more than a bunch of individuals wasting time in some house and saying an exaggerated amount of bad words. Of course, I never watched that show again, albeit the project had a good acceptance in several countries of our beloved American continent. But the enthusiasm showed by TV watchers decreased year by year, until it was definitely suspended (phew!!).
It was really awkward to me to know that in some countries of Europe, Big Brother is still running (how come??). Particularly in England, it looks like the show is still a relative success... and the most recent edition has looked as a perfect springboard for open discrimination.
From the information I gathered through my research on the topic (please correct me if any information disclosed is wrong), I found that for the newest Big Brother in England, an Indian actress (very popular in the Bollywood spectrum) named Shilpa Shetty was chosen to participate in the house, along with many other English personalities.
The pathetic side of the story is that Shilpa has been bullied by the rest of the individuals participating in the show. She has been criticized for keeping some Indian habits, such as eating with the hands rather than with cutlery. Also, she has been object of annoying jokes because of her foreign accent, and she has even been insulted by other members of the show because of her Indian origin.
Obviously, these kind gestures towards the Bollywood actress have caused the outrage of people in and outside England, especially India. It is reported that Ofcom, company that controls the channel that broadcasts Big Brother, has received more than 37,000 complaints because of the situation. Moreover, the problem has gone as far as the British Parliament, where some members have expressed their concern and disapproval of racist behaviours shown there.
I also disapprove all kinds of racism. In my point of view, racism is only a result of ignorance about other people's culture, traditions and ways of living. If those individuals appearing in Big Brother were a little more intelligent, they would take advantage of sharing a house with a person belonging to a different culture than theirs to enrich their own knowledge about other countries and ways of living, and why not? Also to show the pride of English traditions to people who are not so familiar with them.
But if you ask me, I'd say that Big Brother is nothing but a boring and dumb project, that not only won't throw out anything valuable for mankind, but is a platform to see the most shaming and degrading state that humans can reach only for money.


At 9:01 PM , Anonymous Rockwell said...

I have never understood why the US-version of this show was popular. I agree with you... video drivel.

And this new development is horrible. What were the producers thinking? Sure, this happened, but did they really need to broadcast it? It isn't like it was news... but now of course it is news... especially when the PM has to answer about it.

Eliminate racism and you eliminate a big percentage of the hate and violence in this world.

At 9:39 PM , Blogger Eddie said...

I completely agree Rockwell... racism, arisen mainly from ignorance, is the cause of the vast majority of pains that mankind suffers nowadays. But sadly, it looks that it'll take many centuries to completely eradicate this disease.


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