Monday, October 09, 2006

While driving your car, what are you thinking of?

It's widely known that using the cell phone, making up, drinking beverages, and smoking are distracting factors that could negatively affect the performance of a driver, and which exponentially increase the possibility of having a collision. But what about the drivers who don't seem distracted while driving? Are they really safe?
Last friday, a small note appeared in the Victoria News Daily paper, which claimed that approximately 75% of the people who drive usually think of other things rather than concentrating themselves in driving safely (this means, paying full attention to the traffic signals and the activity patterns showed by surrounding cars).
Do you feel identified with this behaviour? There's more, check these facts: Most of those drivers comprised in the 75% claimed that they usually think "about sex" when driving (the note isn't explicit enough to tell what do they mean by that; however, I find it weird), whereas a smaller portion admitted to use to think about work and job-related stuff.
Obviously, although the facts sound funny, they definitely aren't. These issues represent a great risk of having an accident with serious consequences for the individual himself (or herself) and for third parties.
So next time you drive your car, forget about work or sex, and concentrate yourself in what you're doing!


At 9:42 AM , Anonymous Rockwell said...

Down south in the States the problem seems to be folks talking on the cell phone too much while driving. I'm not going to speculate what they might be talking about, given the revelations in this post.

For a similar vein of thought, please see, ”Seeking the Magic Youth Formula.”

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At 11:22 PM , Blogger Eddie said...

Oh well, that IS news! I still cannot believe that talking on the cellphone while driving is not forbidden in certain places...

Thanks for the link and the comment!


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