Monday, September 25, 2006

Gettin' cold in autumn?

Autumn has officially started in our beloved northern hemisphere, and with it, the spreading of common cold too. I'm sorry to be one of the first people that get the illness so quickly in this season.
However, there's no reason to feel bad for it after all. The common cold is a sickness that affects to almost every individual from time to time; while being sick, the person experiences all kind of undesirable symptoms such as throat irritation, sneezing, nasal flux... in more severe cases, some cough can be experienced as well.
As a curious fact, every person develops immunity against the specific type of bacterion that caused the cold; nonetheless, the amount of different bacteria related to cold is so huge, that such protection becomes quite useless, and we keep getting sick. Just remember that cold is not a joke, and it is necessary to take some measures to get fully cured of it, otherwise you're exposing yourself to make the illness even worse.
So, if you live in the northern hemisphere of this world and in your specific location it's starting to become a little chilly, use a sweater, eat food rich in vitamin C, and avoid contact with infected people. If you're lucky, you'll avoid a pair of unconfortable weeks that way!


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