Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Six Flags Great America, you reached the lowest of the low so far!

Believe me when I'm telling you that, when you thought that you've seen the lowest of the world, you should maybe be prepared to find a new low. And Six Flags Great America, located in Chicago, Illinois, has reached a new bizarre, disgusting, grotesque and vulgar low. The reason? their October special: they'll grant a person and three friends unlimited access to the park throughout 2007, VIP status during their visits (this means, avoiding the lines of specific attractions) and plenty of Six Flags promotional goodies. Sounds great, but you may be wondering: "all that, in exchange of what?"
That's the sad part. All those prizes will go to the person who is able to eat the highest amount of live hissing Madagascar cockroaches (like the one in the picture on the right) during a contest that will take place in such amusement park the 13th October, at 7:00 pm.
If you ask me, these types of offerings are more likely to drive away customers rather than appealing them.
Want to get more information about this pathetic offer? click here to get redirected to Six Flags Great America's web page regarding this issue.
Goodbye now.


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