Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Rusia and Georgia, the hostile relatives

Well, who could deny the historically close relationship that has existed between Georgia and Russia? Let's not forget that, while the USSR existed, Georgia and Russia were fully integrated to such union, and even one of the most (sadly) remembered Soviet leaders, Joseph Stalin, was born in Georgia.
But what could lead two of the more long lasting allies to fight between them, until the point that they break all kind of diplomatic relations and communications? The answer is easy: Four spies.
To be honest, the relations between both nations have been quite bad since 2003, times since the Georgian goverment has blamed Russia of interfering on their western relations. And now, the situation is serious.
During the last days of the past month, four members of the Russian Intelligence were arrested in Georgia, along with other ten Georgian citizens, accused of espionage.
This act caused the anger of Russian authorities, who brought the case to the members of the UN Security Council, demanding a hard condemnation of the Georgian acts.
And now, while an official resolution is formulated at the UN headquarters, both countries decided to cut off any kind of communication to each other.
What would be the next step? For them, to try to get a peaceful solution for their conflict, and for us, to hope not to have another regional war towards the end of this year.
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