Thursday, September 28, 2006

Youth of the nation, in the south again, and reloaded... what will YOU do?

There is no doubt: The disease is spreading. The lack of social and moral values in the North American societies, especially in the U.S., is showing its effects.
A few days ago I wrote a post regarding the shooting registered in a school in Montreal, Canada, where a 18 years old student was killed, and nearly 20 other people were wounded (click here to read the post). Now the dramatic scenario returns to the U.S., and more specifically, it returns to Colorado, a state that has testified school massacres in several occasions (remember de massacre at Columbine, in 1999?). But now the panorama was a little different than (sadly) usual: Instead of being a student the one who opens fire against their fellow pupils, it was a 53 year old criminal named Duane Morrison who did. The result was catastrophic: He took six girls as hostages, killed one, sexually abused another, and he finally shot himself in the head. Unfortunately, the intervention of SWAT forces wasn't enough to avoid the tragedy at Platte Canyon High School .
And believe me, these shootings in schools aren't just coincidences. They arise from BIG social problems. The American youth and the entire American society has lost the most fundamental human principles and gifts that we've got: the family isn't important anymore, the spirit of helping other people has been forgotten, and the social responsibility of educating and protecting the youth remained in the past. Well, the pathetic results can be seen more and more often.
Maybe trying to change the attitude of a whole country towards issues that seem to be so antique and obsolete is difficult, but one of the greatest thinkers in the human history, Confucius, said: "The longest trip begins with the first step". And that first step is yourself. Each of us can start by trying to change ourselves. Perhaps in the long term, such change will save the lives of many persons, don't you think?
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