Wednesday, September 20, 2006

It's a slug!!! No, it's a banana!!! No, it's a... bison???!!!

For some strange reason, the sports teams based in the city of Buffalo, NY, tend to use a bison as their mascots, although the bison is an animal that has nothing to do with the team's original names (except in the case of the local baseball team, the Buffalo Bisons). The two biggest teams in the city, the Buffalo Bills, one of the most important in the NFL, and the Buffalo Sabres, playing in the NHL, use bisons as mascots.
As a follower of both teams (the Bills and the Sabres), I find it very cool to have a common mascot for the different teams in the city. What I don't find cool, is to change a great logo of any team for a drawing that looks horrible, and that breaks the image that the fans see as an important part of the link that connects a sports team with them.
Let's be clear about this. Do you remember the logo that the Buffalo Sabres used in their uniforms? If you don't, the following picture will give you the idea:

What a great design. I'd really want to congratulate to whoever made it. This logo was cool. It inspired respect to the opposing teams, and pride to the fans. However, the team's managers decided that it was time to give the team a new look, which is ok. But by changing the look, we thought that they'd be worried to create a cool image for the team and its fans. It's totally unacceptable to change the (great) former logo for something like this:

Can you explain me what's that? A slug? Or maybe a banana? I'm Sorry to tell, Sabres' fans, that it's the new logo that the team will be using from now on. One of the worst designs I've ever seen, by the way. It's not surprising to know that some fans out there have already gathered around 30,000 signatures to ask the team to take back the old logo. I'd sign such petition as well, if I knew where it is right now. Do you know what? I don't like a banana to be the mascot of one of my favourite teams at all!

Two thumbs down for the Buffalo Sabres' new logo!


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