Saturday, September 30, 2006

Mr. Stephen Harper, that was great!

The Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, is a controversial politician: some people love him, some others don't. That's the cost of being involved in politics.
I must say that I don't have any preference about him, but I read an article published by The Globe and Mail (one of the most important newspapers in Canada) that shows that this PM is clever.
The article, titled "PM Blocks Lebanon Resolution"(click to read it) recognizes that Mr. Harper blocked a resolution that was to be taken by a summit of Frech-speaking countries in Bucharest (sometimes referred as La Francophonie), which recognized only the Lebanese suffering during the conflict that took place this summer in the Israeli-Lebanese border area. Canada's attitude was only backed by Switzerland, while Jacques Chirac said that the resolution was hit by the Canadian "hostility". Of course, the Arabic countries didn't see Mr. Harper's behaviour with any sympathy.
However, the Canadian PM's reasoning was the most correct: "I hope we can all recognize human suffering of men and women, all of the suffering".
I think that he's absolutely right. Why would only the suffering in the Lebanese side be recognized? This conflict was between two countries (and, let's not forget that the Lebanese Hebzollah was the first to attack!), and as such, there were casualties, injuries and tragedies in both sides. It's just not appropriate to emit an international resolution that doesn't take those basic issues into account, and which even depicts the offended party as evil, while the offender side remains the victim.
I send my greetings to Mr. Harper for this clever action, shall it serve as a good example of international neutrality to other leaders that just don't know what diplomacy is all about.

Long life to Canada!


At 8:22 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Same planet, different worlds. The Liberals just can't figure out Stephen Harper.


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