Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Tow away or give away, you choose!

Can you imagine what could happen if you brought the original invoice (the one you got when you bought your car) inside your vehicle, in a city where the car theft is a serious security problem? It's like giving the thief your consent to him to sell the car legally after he stole it, only by making some minor modifications to the serial number in the car and the invoice as well, and by changing the owner's name, which is a free and easy step in many countries.
Unfortunately for the people living in Mexico City, this is their case. The amount of cars stolen per day in that place raises frequently, and it looks like the local authorities, instead of giving a hand to their decent citizens, are trying to ease the thieves' "work".
A new regulation issued by the City Hall states that, in order to avoid the car being towed away from a restricted place to park when the driver (or any other passenger) is sitting still inside the vehicle (which, by the way, is very frequent in Mexico), the person should show the original invoice of the car; which has to be stored inside it. Otherwise, the owner will have to pay an additional $150 pesos fine (about $13.50 US dollars) when he or she recovers the car from the yard.
Weird, isn't it? So what would you prefer to have? your car towed away, or given away!!!


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