Saturday, October 14, 2006

That ain't enough, Mr. Ignatieff

Michael Ignatieff is the strongest candidate to occupy the leadership of the Liberal Party in Canada. In recent days, he pronounced himself against the "war crimes" committed by Israeli forces during the war in Lebanon that took place this summer.Stephen Harper, as a clever Prime Minister, immediately banned such comments, qualifying them as "anti-Israeli"; however, Mr. Ignatieff refused to apologize for this comments and he even claimed that he said such affirmations based on reports made by international organisms, such as Amnesty International.
And now, to show his "sympathy" and "neutrality" towards Israel, Michael Ignatieff announced that he'll take part in a visit to Israel next month, in which a visit to the Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is also scheduled, "to listen to their point of view".
C'mon, Mr. Ignatieff!! We all know that you're traveling only to gain supporters for your campaign, as you have constantly showed your lack of sympathy for the State of Israel (which hurts many of your potential supporters, by the way). You should learn some international diplomacy from Mr. Stephen Harper, who has led Canada (which, I'd like to remember to you, is a multicultural country) to a tolerance environment.
I hope that the rest of the candidates to lead the Liberal Party are more aware of this situation.


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