Friday, October 20, 2006

A tale of a King shooting on drunk bears

Once upon a time, there was a King named Juan Carlos who ruled in a country named Spain, who travelled to Russia to hunt drunk bears.
To be honest, I wish this was only a tale. But it seems that this situation goes beyond that, this is both sad and shameful.
According to a report that appeared today in the Victoria News Daily today, there is a scandal in Russia right now that involves the King of Spain as well, as supposedly, this individual travelled recently to the Russian region of Vologda to hunt bears. In order to make it "easier" for him, the hunt organizers provided him a captive bear named Mitrofan. And, just in case that Juan Carlos wouldn't find it easy enough that way, they also decided to feed the animal with vodka drenched honey, to diminish the possibilities that the Spanish monarch would fail his shot to kill the bear.
Truth? Fiction? I don't know. The Russian authorities have already begun an investigation to find out. However, what I can tell is that I wouldn't find really strange that, an individual that, among other things, uses to organize an annual sailing boats race in which, strangely, he wins year by year, and who also likes to show his sympathy for the most tyrannical heads of state around the world, would also love to hunt captive, drunk animals. I just can't understand how people with so little moral values can demand from other to respect them and to recognize them as rulers or personalities of countries (in this case, Spain).
If you're really keeping this type of habits, shame on you, Juan Carlos.


At 7:47 AM , Blogger Spader said...

Spanish "democracy" for you. He'd been elected by dictator Franco alone. And he's the head of state....

At 11:20 PM , Blogger Eddie said...

I agree. I am not a great admirer of royalty either, and this kind of attitude is certainly shameful (whether being a head of state or not).

Thanks for the comment!


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