Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Annoyed of public transportation during rush hours? Read this...

In some cities of the world, traveling to the school or workplace in public transportation is horrible. Sometimes, the wagons of the subway and the public buses are so full, that the simple sight of the scene would discourage anyone from boarding one of those vehicles.
There are occasions in which people have no option but to travel in this kind of transport because their final destination is really far away. This is acceptable.
What is not acceptable are those who board public transportation to travel short distances, when they could be easily able to walk. While boarding a public bus today, I noticed that there were several people that did so.
It makes me think of some interesting questions: When did people lose the habit of walking? Why have people become so lazy to do basic physical activities, such as walking?
I must say that walking is not only healthy, but it's a joyful activity. Who'd like to waste a great opportunity to breathe the fresh air in the outdoors, by taking a (sometimes stinky) bus or subway wagon full of passengers, just to avoid walking six or seven blocks?
If you're one of those people who miss the chance to enjoy the great outdoors in the morning and your school or workplace is close enough to take a walk, try to change your routine. You'll love it, and you'll help to save some space in public transport for those who really need it! ;)


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