Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Would you bite the hand that feeds you? A.B. Quintanilla did!

A.B. Quintanilla is a singer from the U.S., who has made his career focused mainly in latin music, especially cumbia and Tex Mex (genre of which his sister, Selena Quintanilla, is still considered one of the greatest icons).
But it seems that his fame has affected him badly. In an awkward, deceiving, sad and strange incident, he said in a video some words that would not only hurt his main audience's feelings (considering that most of its audience is composed by Mexicans or people from Mexican ascent), but it'd also make angry people that didn't even know that this person exist.
Here's the textual speech that he said in that video (inappropiate language censored!):
"N*ggers can get shot in Mexico city, for f*cking sleeping on the floor. I'm affraid even to thow myself on the floor, they're getting ready frogging jump in, they're right behind me, they're right behind us. Don't even look at them 'cause they f*cking frogging jump... They're... get out of here (from the U.S.A.). Yeah!, you better get out of here you...f*cking mexicans!"
How do you like such words? Apart from the precarious English, I just can't understand how can some singers and musicians insult their own fans and thinking that their actions won't have any consequences.
Please don't buy any material recorded by this sucker, I find him too racist and dumb. And A.B., I recommend you to not travel to Mexico City, 'cause the welcoming there won't be very charming for you (although you know that you have Mexican roots). Also, they can f*cking frogging jump at you, and believe me, you won't like it!


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