Saturday, June 24, 2006

Female priests... impossible or not?

A Swiss lady named Monica Wyss, 46, and mother of four children, has been appointed today as a Catholic priest by other two theologian women in Lake Costanza, Switzerland.
According to the catholic law women cannot perform as priests, so this represents a challenge to the Roman Catholic Church, and maybe these three women could be excommunicated from their faith by the Pope. (By the way, I'm not catholic so if I write some mistaken information, I'll really appreciate your comments).
However, some Catholic women claim that this kind of prohibitions for women adopted by the highest clergymen in Vatican City are mistaken, as "it's not a rule enunciated by Jesus", but only by Vatican authorities.
There are allegedly several other women receiving formation to become future priests, and some have actually been appointed as priests. The Roman Catholic Church, as far as I know, won't support these kind of practices, so I think that those women's future as priests is quite unpredictable.
Since I'm not catholic, I'm not able to tell whether I'm for or against this rules and phenomena, but remember that your comments are always welcome. Also, I'll thank you guys if you make me know about any mistaken information found in this article.
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