Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Buffalo Bills!

As this is the first post ever in my blog, I'd like to dedicate it to one of the greatest football teams ever, of which I consider myself a great fan: The Buffalo Bills!!It's just a pitty that a team with such an amazing background has been passing through so many difficulties during the last years: their strategies have been poor, the performance of the team has been greatly under the expectations of the fans, and the team has been a mess. This last 2005 season was a very disappointing one, as they only managed to win 5 of the 16 games that were scheduled for them that season, and I guess that it is not necessary to mention that they did not reach the playoffs. Too bad, this is the sixth straight year that they don't reach them.However, I am firmly convinced that the new players and coaches that the team has hired for the 2006 season will contribute to improve the team's performance: Dick Jauron, the new head coach, has the necessary experience to manage successfully a team. Also, the new appointment of Marv Levy (the best head coach in the Bills' history) as General Manager of the team is a starting step for a new golden era (hopefully!). Let's see what awaits us during the next years. GO BILLS!!!


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