Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Apprentice: Humiliations are back, and improved!

Donald Trump will have a spectacular return to the TV with the new season of his master humiliation show "The Apprentice".

Trump's show was canceled due to low ratings, but NBC has been recently working with him and Mark Burnett, executive producer, to bring the show back. This time, they came with a big idea: What is the point on humiliating unknown rookies on TV, if it's easier to get celebrities in the show?

However, under this new condition, the winners will not work for Trump or any of his organizations, but they will win cash prizes, which will be (supposedly) donated to charity.

One of the first names that came to Trump's mind as a potential guest to his redesigned show is Rosie O'Donnell. But she quickly declined his invitation. Other names that have been allegedly rounding Donald Trump's mind are Jerry Seinfeld and Uri Geller, but it looks that none of them has made any official announcement yet. Will they volunteer to be humiliated on TV to donate money to charity?

Those are the facts thus far. If you were missing "The Apprentice", you'll probably be excited about this news. If you weren't... you'll have the show again on TV anyway. Or, at least, that's what appears to be coming.

With some information from AP


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