Thursday, June 21, 2007

A curious way to honor a country

Would you feel very honored if you saw a bunch of people on TV throwing balloons full of paint to your country's National Flag?

Well, that's the kind of "honor" that the contestants of Big Brother Australia decided to pay to Mexico and its culture! As a gesture of respect and sympathy for the country, the contestant of Big Brother (perhaps the most decadent reality show ever) Australia decided to recreate a Mexican Party, in which they decorated their place in a Mexican fashion and wore big sombreros. But the big thing came when they decided to throw paint-filled balloons to a Mexican flag (with inverted colors) .

This curious celebration didn't get the sympathy of the Mexican Embassy in Australia, nor from the entire country. A representative of the Mexican Emabassy in Australia sent a letter to Endemol complaining about the incident. Endemol, in turn, replied to the complaint, apologizing for the "celebration", arguing that the idea was to honor Mexico and its culture, rather than shaming it.

I think that the celebration was excessively original in this occasion, wasn't it?


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