Monday, July 16, 2007

Big Cross

Maybe the naming of the Christ redeemer as a "wonder of the world" was a bit too early.

A group of people in the city of Nazareth are thinking of building the largest cross in the world. It is expected to be 60 meters high and it the project contemplates having a church in the place as well. Also, a museum and a centre for studies would complete the project.

It is said that the project has been planned and developed in a very secluded way, as the organizers want to avoid any kind of clashes with the Muslim majority living in the city. However, they keep the plan up and rolling, mainly funded through a non profit organization.

Wouldn't this project be considered to be a new wonder of the world in the future as well? Sounds odd, but so are those so-named "new 7 wonders of the world". We'll see.


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