Thursday, June 28, 2007

Coming up in Canada... FIFA U20

This weekend will be a very interesting one in Canada not only because of the celebration of Canada Day, but also because of the opening of the Fifa U20 World Cup.

Yes, the World Cup is back again. This time, probably with much less international attention than the World Cup last year in Germany. But still, the games look promising. And it's back in a country where people basically don't care about soccer. But still, the event is expected to be a real success.

The teams are divided in 6 groups, distributed as follows: Group A (Canada, Austria, Chile, Congo), Group B (Spain, Uruguay, Zambia, Jordan), Group C (Mexico, Portugal, Gambia, New Zealand), Group D (Brazil, South Korea, Poland, USA), Group E (Argentina, Czech Republic, North Korea, Panama), and Group F (Costa Rica, Japan, Nigeria, Scotland).

If the results are not arranged beforehand, we can expect to have very good matches. Those boys come after a dream that will someday take them to the most important soccer leagues worldwide. Who will be successful on taking the trophy home? We'll see. Much more is still to come...!!


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