Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bike to work week

This week is in Canada the "Bike to work" week, which (as it name suggests) is intended to encourage people to get to their jobs in bicycles rather than cars.

I am sure that the impact of the program varies from city to city. But it is noticeable that, at least here in Victoria, some people have taken the initiative seriously.

Victoria is during spring and summer time a city where it is not rare to see people riding bikes from one place to another. But I would dare to affirm that the proportion of people using bikes against people driving cars has increased slightly these days.

The idea of the "Bike to work" project is to involve people into cleaner and more sustainable means of transportation than conventional cars. And I think that it's a good idea, at the end of the day, getting to work by bike shouldn't be that bad... as long as people have the chance to shower after that...!

However, there are other places in the world where this type of project has been successful. For instance, I remember to have read somewhere that in Bogota, Colombia, there's a certain day of the year where it is forbidden to use cars. It looks that people have accepted quite well the measure, and they happily agree (by force, maybe) to take those bikes out to the streets.
Another place where this sort of program has been recently undertaken is Mexico City, where some important avenues in the city are destined on weekends to the circulation of bikes. Moreover, once per month, all the ministers in Mexico City get to their own jobs on bicycles. That's interesting.

Is it that these ideas will someday regain territory for the bikes in our society? Let's wait and see.


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