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Miss Universe, contest of scandal?

Once upon a time, a contest focused on recognizing the most beautiful and smart woman on the planet was created. Since the 1950, such contest has been called "Miss Universe".
It is notorious that the standards of the contest have changed since the beginning. Back to its origins, the contestants participated and showed their natural beauty: No surgery, no silicone, no pills, no implants... just natural beauty.

Years have passed, and mentality has changed. In the most recent years, the contest has become a good source of scandals, criticism, and a lot of stress to the contestants. Moreover, it looks that some practices are becoming acceptable for the event: surgeries, pills, so forth...

I personally don't find any reason for which beauty in those conditions should be rewarded. I don't even find a reason for which people should follow a contest full of scandals, some of which are judged/solved by its owner, an individual sadly known for, among other things, his multiple marriages with young women and his way of humiliating novices on TV: Donald Trump.

Can the panorama of the contest get any more deceiving? Well, yes, it can. Not everybody is satisfied with some recent incidents on the contest, like the scandals in which some American Misses have been involved regarding alcohol and sex lately. But the most strange (and pathetic) is the way that Rachel Smith, the miss to represent the USA on the next contest in Mexico City, on May 28, was booed by the crowd for no apparent reason, unless it was some political slip. And if it was, believe me, the girl has nothing to do with it. That kind of behaviour is not good.

Strangely, it looks that Miss USA didn't give any relevance to the incident (which speaks very good about her temper), but it was Miss Sweden who felt that the contest did not fulfill her expectations. Isabel Lesapier Winqvist, Miss Sweden, says (in a vision apparently shared with most Swedish) that the contest is degrading and full of scandals. She withdrew from the contest.

Regardless of these incidents, Mr. Trump says that the contest is watched by more and more people every year. Who'll know? Can we expect the Miss Universe contest to reach new lows in the future, say, to the levels of The Apprentice?

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At 12:43 AM , Blogger axeblue said...

I first want to say that Trump is a jerk!! how could he be proud of what happened on this years contest? I was watching the whole show. The reason why people were yelling and booing was because miss USA did not diserve to be in the TOP 5 and Miss Mexico was. i mean look at Miss USA's costume... it was terrible, and SHE FELL!!!. you may think it's not a big deal, but the truth is, it is. this is a symbol, we can't have a miss universe that falls can we? she has to be beutyful, smart and stylish. and yet Miss usa did not complete all of them. and yet she maid it to the TOP 5. that completly proves that this contest is rigged. im not saying its her fault but she did not deserve that spot miss Mexico did she was perfect, she had confedend, manners. if you watch her walk you can see that she was confident in her self and walked slow compared to the other contestents. that is a person you want to crown a miss Universe. so the mexicans have every right to be angry at the show and america because they riged this fantastic show. its not about who is the best anymore it's all about money, people pay to choose the winners. and what the hell is with the judges they don't know jack shit!!! i mean tv stars? and baseball players? what the hell!!. i believe that japan piad u.s. paid and so did other countries. what i also can't believe is that japan won this year. although in my opinion she diserved to be in the top 5 i don't think she should of won. if you look and last years winner and the japanese contestent, i dont know why u wouldn't pick japan, i mean she was perfect beutiful, smart(she spoke so many langueges) and had respect for her culture. what i think ruined her was the translater. i speak japanese and her answer to the question was perfect but the translater fukked it up for her and maid her look stupid. and the translater was japanese come on!!!!!. this years peagent the translater wasn't japanese but he did a great job in doing what he had to do. but i think japan won this year mostly to make up for last years contestent which should of won, not this years japanese contestent.

At 7:12 PM , Blogger Eddie said...

I agree with you... the contest nowadays is far from what it used to be many years before. It is true, a lot of money is involved in that, a lot of scandals, and perhaps a lot of favoritism.
But indeed, it is not the contestants' fault. I don't think that Miss USA is guilty for the flawed system that governs the Miss Universe selection process and activities. Even the current winner, Miss Japan, is not guilty of such system, whether it was bought by the Japanese or not. But even with these fact, it's true that Miss Universe is all about influence... and the guilty parties are, indeed, the organizers. They have made the spirit of the contest to go away. It's a pity, but some nice events follow that fate from time to time too...
Thanks for sharing your opinion in this forum, and thanks for visiting the blog...! Come back soon...!


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