Friday, March 23, 2007

Spring is here

For us, inhabitants of the Northern hemisphere of the world, it's official: Spring is here. Those bright, shiny days when flowers are blossoming everywhere, when the grass is green and the birds sing in the morning, are back. Time to put those coats back in the closet! The vitality to do outdoor activities should be replenished by now. No more winter blues to worry about, all the sunshine necessary to have a good mood everyday can be obtained by simply walking out to the streets. Sounds good.
Unfortunately, that's currently simply theory. At least, it is here in the Canadian west coast. The outside temperature has increased, but rain is still there. It looks that I, along with all the people who live in this corner of the world, will have to wait a little more to enjoy all those benefits inherent to springtime. Let's hope not much longer though.
What is spring, anyway? Spring means that for about 92 days, the climate will be steadily warming up (besides the increases in temperatures gained by global warming) before reaching its highest peaks in summer. Personally, I'm not a big fan of these increases in temperatures; especially not when it gets too hot. The good news is that there'll be more sunshine to enjoy.
Although spring is usually a season linked to sweet and lovely things in life, it also has its negative side. For instance, it is precisely in the first third of spring when the tropical storm and hurricane season begins; this is because the formation of hurricanes is precisely linked to this increase in temperatures (I'm not a meteorologist, so I don't have a scientific explanation on how it occurs), as are also tornadoes, which begin to be more frequent in this time of the year.
But I don't want to appear to be too pessimistic. In fact, I'm glad to know that spring is already here, and that its magic will be notorious in no time... hopefully. All this excitement inspires me to write a Haiku (in English, of course) about spring:

Sunlight is out there
I feel the warmth in my skin
Springtime is with us

Have a nice spring.


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