Sunday, January 28, 2007

Customs efficiency

This comes from a note that I found in the Victoria News Daily, which, even if it's not the latest news, it's still funny and worth to read.
It happens that a couple of weeks ago, in the Chinese city of Guangzhou, some Customs officers at the local airport found 28 kg of marijuana, which were hidden in 215 pairs of high heels shoes.
That sounds like if the Customs authorities acted very diligently, isn't it? But the funny part of this story comes when you know that the marijuana shipment arrived from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia... on August 6, 2006!!! As the contents of the packages were never declared, the Customs officers kept the material. And they didn't bother to inspect the contents until only two weeks ago. The drugs were hidden beneath the shoes' soles.
Bizarre, huh? Not much to comment about this incident... I'd consider hiring new officers though.


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