Thursday, November 30, 2006

A look at the beginning of it all: The GTM

It is always a pleasure to know that not all the news originated in Mexico have always to do with counterfeit presidents and wrestling activities between deputies of rival parties inside the Congress, as the world has heard recently.
Near the city of Atzitzintla, in the central part of such country, was just opened a telescope named "Gran Telescopio Milimétrico" (Great Milimetric Telescope, or simply GTM), which will study the origin of the universe and the Big Bang, estimated to have happened 13,400 million years ago.
This project, planned 15 years ago, contains huge antenna that weighs around 620 tonnes and has a diameter of 50 meters, which is able to rotate 360° and to modify its angle. It also contains some research facilities in its underground, in which the general controls and some laboratories are located. The total building cost was 115 million US dollars, and it took 10 years to complete it. According to experts, this telescope has a cartographic capacity that supersedes the one available at the most modern telescope in the world, located in Hawaii.
Although this idea has a binational origin (scientists from Mexico and the USA were involved) about 15 years ago, its construction was made possible thanks to the cooperation of companies from all around the world.
This opening is a great way of finishing his rule in Mexico for Vicente Fox.


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