Monday, November 06, 2006

After Saddam, what?

So, after several months of trial, they decided that hanging Saddam Hussein would be the punishment for the war crimes committed by this former Iraqi dictator. But this is not the end. Not even close. I'd say that, although I don't feel any kind of sympathy for such a tyrant (except for when his character appears in South Park), killing him is a very bad idea, and here are the reasons:

1. The final decision of killing Saddam was made by a court arranged by the U.S., for which many people (and more specifically, many Iraqis, or at least the ones that feel sympathy for Saddam) may think that the veredict was biased, leading to further clashes thereafter (and probably, to more anti-U.S.A. feelings throughout the world).

2. Executing him will not repair the damages that he caused to many Iraqis during his rule, and will not provide any sense of punishment to Saddam either.

3. There are still Iraqis who defend and support Saddam in many ways, even in the fashion of terrorism (such is the case of the extremist rebels). After his execution, a serious wave of terrorist attacks will be likely to occur in Iraq, probably having lots of casualties on them.

4. If they really want to punish Saddam Hussein for the attrocities committed during his rule, killing him is not an option. A very long-term imprisonment (maybe a life imprisonment term) is more effective in that sense.

5. In the perception of many, Saddam will die as a martyr if he's executed. Nobody wants him to be taken as an example for others in the future.

The chances that these reasons are heard are very little, and thus I don't expect to be successful in stopping such execution because of the effects that it would carry (and not because I support Saddam's situation). The decision is in other hands now, and the veredict will probably be appealed soon. What would you expect to happen by then?
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