Sunday, November 05, 2006

Fast food burger restaurants: Ranking 3, speed

Fast food restaurants are expected to be exactly that - fast. And all of the restaurants subject to this evaluation are fast indeed; however, I'm afraid that some are doing better than others in this category. So, who is fast and who is not-so-fast? Here is the third and final part of the fast food burger restaurants ranking!

C. Speed

1. McDonald's: There is no doubt, McDonald's is still the fastest fast-food restaurant. I'm still really impressed of the little time that runs between the moment when you order and when you get fully served. Perhaps their strategy is to give up some quality to be faster?

2. Dairy Queen: In relation to the other restaurants (excluding McDonald's), the service is fast; however, after ordering your food, you can still expect to be standing there for a few minutes.

3. A & W: Sometimes they're fast, sometimes not. I don't know on what it depends esentially, but normally, you'll wait longer than other places to be fully served.

4. Burger King: Of all the restaurants evaluated, Burger King has the slowest service. It can take several minutes to have an order fully served. Once again, I don't know if this is related to the quality of food or not, but standing for so long is sometimes frustrating.

So, overall, which is better than the rest? That decision depends on your perception, and on the issues that you consider more important than others. So what are you looking for, a good burger, tasty fries, or a high speed service? It's up to you.


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