Friday, November 03, 2006

Fast food burger restaurants: Ranking 1, burgers

I have had the chance to visit several fast food restaurants that claim hamburgers to be their specialty. Obviously, during the many years in which I have been a customer for these restaurants, I have had the chance of noticing that not all of them are the same with respect of taste and quality. So I decided to post my infamous ranking of the four main fast food burger restaurants! This ranking is divided in three categories (and in three posts as well): Burgers, fries, and service speed.
A. Burgers

1. Burger King: These hamburgers are tasteful, as they are grilled. It gives their products a special taste that make easy to distinguish Burger King's hamburgers from others.

2. Dairy Queen: Surprisingly, Dairy Queen does not only excel for the quality of their ice creams, but also for their food. The hamburgers prepared by these restaurants are pretty good, and their prices are very reasonable. I strongly recommend to stop by any of these restaurants to have a hamburger whenever you're hungry.

3. A & W: Not as good as DQ's or Burger King's hamburgers, but they're fair. However, having a good root beer with an A&W hamburger is a great experience that you shouldn't miss.

4. McDonald's: Although their hamburgers are not of the highest quality and the portions are somewhat small, they're still edible. What I like of McDonald's is the creativity to come up with new hamburger ideas; it's just a shame that such creativity is still shy of reaching the quality of other competitor's products.

To be continued...


At 6:46 AM , Anonymous Rockwell said...

Not only does Burger King have good burgers but the fries are much improved in the past few years.

Maybe you should do a post ranking the fries as a sequel.

(And hey, thanks for the link! We always find something interesting here too!)

At 7:20 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Burger Kings fries are horrible. It's a shame because I prefer their burgers to McDonalds, however, they can't compete with McDonalds fries. This is often the clincher in deciding where I eat, as the potato side is just as important, if not more, than the burger entree.


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