Tuesday, October 24, 2006

City improvements?

It seems that Venice, Italy, is a city in which the roads are becoming wider, and the local city hall has not invested a penny in that (what a deal!). Also, this expansion is not precisely because of the great affluence of boat traffic that runs through them: it is just because the water levels in the city are increasing, invading now even the "sidewalks", public squares, and other pedestrian routes.
It also looks like a great opportunity for clothing designers and brands: Wearing big, black, rubber boots is the latest fashion in this European City. People who wish to spend some time in restaurants, squares, or other outdoor activities should better wear special clothing; otherwise they could face a serious risk of getting a cold. So, should we expect to see water resistant articles being sold in the most exclusive boutiques worldwide? You never know.
Poor city of Venice... we all knew that it was sinking, but nobody expected that to happen so fast!

Photo by Reuters


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