Saturday, November 04, 2006

Fast food burger restaurants: Ranking 2, fries

First of all, I want to thank you for your comments. Once again, I want to let you know that I appreciate them, it's very cool to read them and to find out that you think that this blog is interesting. Thank you all!
Well, as promises are debt, I move on to part number two of this fast food burger restaurants evaluation. As I wrote in my previous post, there were some elements that made each of these companies' hamburgers good or not-so-good (because, honestly, none of them are bad at all, but they have sometimes some "deficiencies"). But as we all know, there's no good hamburger that lacks its side order of good fries. Which fries are then good and which aren't so appealing? Here you have my infamous ranking for them:

B. Fries

1. Dairy Queen: The perfect combination. Not too salty, crunchy outside, soft inside. What else can you expect from fries?

2. A & W: Good fries. They are more salted than DQ's, but the general taste is still very acceptable.

3. Burger King: The taste of those fries is great, but I'm afraid that lots of salt and oil are used in order to achieve their combination. The outside texture is not one of my favorites, as it gets quite hard from time to time.

4. McDonald's: Once again, it is necessary to accept that McDonald's has the poorest quality on its products, compared to its competitors. These restaurants' fries are something close to disgusting; the large amounts of oil and salt used to prepare them are notorious when you eat them, as you can feel them in your mouth.

To be continued...


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