Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The limit between honesty and stupidity...

If stupidity was a crime, I'd imprison this guy for the rest of his life.
Back in April 2006, a man named Michael Simonson, 51, was arrested when trying to cross from the U.S. to Canada after he claimed in the Canadian customs that the purpose of his visit to Canada was to "engage in sexual activities with a 15 year old girl" from British Columbia, with whom he began an internet-based relationship by sending emails, chatting and sending other files.
This individual was arrested, and in his luggage, the authorities discovered that Simonson was carrying condoms, Viagra tablets, a digital camera, and other odd goods. Meanwhile, in Vancouver, the police found the (equally stupid) 15 year old girl who was waiting for the arrival of this man at the Bus Station, who actually explain the authorities that she was expecting to have a sexual encounter with the middle-aged man.
Today, Simonson was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment according to the U.S. laws, charged with intent to engage in illegal sexual activity and enticement of a minor.
Just as a friend of mine said, "the guy is not only a pervert, but he's an idiot as well!". Yes, he is. And one of the most severe cases I remeber to have seen, by the way.

For more details about this case, click here to read the article posted in The Globe and Mail.


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