Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Racist riots in Newark, 1967

Between July 12 and July 17, 1967, the city of Newark, New Jersey, lived some riots that remind us how dirty and terrible can racism be.
This riots arised when a local African American cab driver named John Smith was brutally beaten by some policemen who accused him for resisting arrest.
This incident, combined with the feelings of unfairness and lack of respect shared by most individuals of the african american community, led to a period of chaos that left a final result of 23 people dead, 725 injured, and more than a thousand arrested.
But the point of this topic is not to explain the details of such riots in Newark 39 years ago; the real purpose is to complain about the many ways in which racism can be showed, and to encourage people to avoid falling in these mistakes. I mean, who cares if a person is african American, Asian, Latin or Caucasian? Why should it bother us if a person have different religious beliefs than us (call them jews, muslims, christians, or buddhists, among others)?
The stereotypes and their bitter effects are the ones that really don't let us to live a peaceful life shared with people from which every individual could learn something about other cultures, languages, traditions, and ways of life.
So say no to extremist beliefs, and say no to any kind of racism. Let's look for a better quality of life for our future children and for ourselves.


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