Saturday, July 01, 2006

July 1, Canada Day

Today is July 1st, and in Canada this date is observed as Canada Day, which is the most important national celebration.
But why is the present day observed as a national holiday? Before the creation of Canada as a single nation, the territory was divided in three areas: The province of Canada (which was created by the union of Lower and Upper Canada), Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. By the British North America Act, dated July 1, 1867, all those territories became a single nation. A year later, in 1868, the Governor General Lord Monk requested the Queen to allow the celebrations to remember this union of Canada each July 1, starting from that year, and being called by then Dominion Day. It was until 1982 when the celebration was officially renamed as Canada Day.
So this is a brief factsheet about the history of this important day for Canadians. Once again I say: Long life to Canada!


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