Friday, May 04, 2007

Scotland, towards independence?

Since its creation back in 1934, the Scottish National Party (SNP) didn't win any elections to get a majority status in the Scottish Parliament. Maybe this was because of its core idea, by which they want Scotland to be independent from the United Kingdom. Such independence would allow Scotland to enjoy its own sovereignty, as it was about 300 years ago.
But recently, the luck of this Party changed. On the last Scottish elections in May, they were able to win the majority of seats in the Parliament, and now they're aiming to appoint a First Minister that would help them in their separatist endeavours. It looks that Mr. Alex Salmond, the leader of the Party, would be a good subject for that goal.
Will the members of the SNP be successful in gaining independence for Scotland? They will make their effort indeed. If they manage to get Salmond as the First Minister, he will call to a referendum in which the Scottish voters will decide whether they still want to be part of the United Kingdom. Of course, there are other Parties in the Parliament that would be opposed to such kind of initiative, so the discussion on this topic promises to be very controversial in Scotland.
This is just beginning, so it will be very interesting to see how do things develop in the short and mid term.


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