Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ridiculous businesses for dogs: If pets could only speak...

What can be more annoying that seeing the scarce resources of nature wasted in ridiculous businesses for pets? Having a radio station for dogs is fairly stupid, and founding a company dedicated to tailor suits and tuxedos for dogs is perhaps even more pathetic... so what adjective does a business dedicated to produce haute-couture clothing for dogs can deserve?
That's the genial idea that a couple of Swedish-Venezuelan designers came up with. The firm is named E&E Hallström, and their products are high fashion clothes for dogs.
What a waste of resources. Can anybody explain me what should we cheer these kind of businesses and activities? From my point of view, there are many better uses that can be given to the fabric wasted (yes, wasted) for the purpose of producing garments for pets. Wouldn't it be more useful, for example, to use those resources to manufacture clothes for people in other parts of the world, who don't have anything to protects themselves from the effects of weather?.
The truth is that dogs don't need garments. Honestly. If dogs could speak, I'm sure that they would tell how uncomfortable they feel when using clothes. The only reason for which dogs are dressed with clothes is to amusement of some people (and sometimes, as a symptom of antropomorphization of a pet suffered by the pet's owner, which it's proven to be a real disorder). Poor animals.
Here's a link to the homepage of this ridiculous firm, visit if you wish and let me know about your own opinion about the topic. Click on the address, or copy and paste it on your browser:


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