Tuesday, April 03, 2007

FBI Most Wanted list drops momentarily to 9 suspects

Busting one of the top 10 fugitives sought by the FBI is, unfortunately, a rare event. Some of the individuals that currently appear in such list, have been successful in avoiding the arm of justice for many years (such as Osama Bin Laden). Not very often is one of those suspects caught. But just yesterday it happened.
The only woman in the list of the 10 most wanted criminals by the FBI (in which characters such as Osama Bin Laden are included), named Shauntay L. Henderson, was arrested yesterday in an apartment in Kansas City. She was wanted by the authorities as she presumably killed a man in September 2006; also, she is believed to belong to street gangs that operate in Kansas City. Henderson is considered by the FBI as"armed, extremely dangerous and an escape risk". Ironically, she was arrested when she naively opened the door after being knocked by policemen.
This is definitely a good news. It would be good that all that all criminals could be arrested so easily. The question that pops into my mind, and probably into many other's minds as well, is: who'll be the next criminal "honoured" to be in the FBI's top 10?

To read the entire note from cnn.com, click here.


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