Friday, April 06, 2007

Subway jump

It's difficult to describe the real border between recklessness and stupidity. Such is the thought that comes to my mind after knowing about a curious kind of 'sport' that some individuals have been practicing lately in subway stations in Mexico City.
No description is needed. Just watch the video and judge by yourself.

The video shows only one of the cases reported to the authorities in Mexico City. The Policemen are having a hard time trying to stop these people, but today they just caught the first one who claimed that he does it "to feel the adrenaline running through his veins". Probably he'll feel more than that when paying the fine he'll face.
Maybe it's only ignorance what drives these boys to do such stupid things. Are they really aware that they're putting their lives in risk when doing that? I don't know if there have been any "failed" attempts that had as consequence the death of the 'reckless' guy, but these facts definitely drive me to wonder whether all of the cases in which a person is reported to have committed suicide by throwing themselves to the subway's rails are really incidents in which the individual decides voluntarily to end their days in this world, or some of them are rather adventurers failing to reach properly the platform across... we'll probably never know.


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