Thursday, December 07, 2006

Say no to horse riding

One of the things I've always been more reluctant to perform is riding horses. I'm officially against it. Horse riding is an obsolete activity, which involves a lot of cruelty towards the animals, and serious risks to the jockey. But still, for some reason, it looks that some people enjoy that supposed sport.
It is pitiful to say that today I can add another example to my extensive list of the dangers that horse riding may carry. I just heard in the news that during some equestrian contest at the Asian Games currently held in Doha, Qatar, a South Korean jockey just died after falling from his horse.
Kim Hyung Chil, 47, fell down from his horse after the animal tried to clear an obstacle. The animal's approach was not successful, making it to fall down as well. The whole weight of the horse, that may have ranged from 690 kg to 900 kg, landed over the South Korean jockey's body, squashing him severely. He was taken to a nearby hospital unconscious, but he was declared dead shortly after.
After hearing of this news, I keep wondering why is horse riding still seen as a luxurious and positive activity, even when we're well entered into the 21st century?


At 12:58 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everyone who gets onto a horse (in the right place ie a riding school not drunkingly deciding it would be a good idea to get onto a horse in a field just for a laugh) knows the risks and rewards of riding.

Yes there will be some cruelty as there is any other sport or competition involving animals.

Just because there are a few, doesn't mean every one riding a horse is cruel.

Children gain so much from riding ponies. The learn compasion towards another living creature, putting the needs of the pony above their own. Learning coordination, cooperation having a sense of accomplishment when they risr to the trot for the first time.

What about riding for the disabled? How cruel are the kids and adults out there with mental and physical disabilities for getting them on a horse which will allow them (albiet breifly) a sense of freedom from a wheelchair or from the mental world they are locked into where they cannot communicate with the rest of the world properly. When they get onto a horse these trained horses know how to comunicate with them and to understand them in ways the rest of us could never know.

I have ridden for 27 years and have never been cruel to a horse in my life. I treat the horses I ride with love and respect and work hard at making the rides we have together fun as well as rewarding.

I do not mind people having opinions on any subject. But I do object to ill informed, un researched opinions that condemn others who have not done a single thing wrong.

Go to a riding school (an approved one from organisations such as the british horse society who will have the standards all horses should expect) and have a look at what riding involves. The looking after of the horse, the careful balance and hard work put into the feeding of the horse to keep them happy and healthy. Then form an opinion

At 1:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

And another thing. Accidents do happen. But that is what they mostly are. Accidents.

Should we ban skiing because 50 people were killed in France alone last year?

Should we ban motor sports because the cars can crash?

Should we ban darts because "you could poke someones eye out with that?"

At 8:53 AM , Anonymous Lester said...

Being "officially against it" does not mean that you have to be ignorant as well!!

"Horse riding is an obsolete activity, which involves a lot of cruelty towards the animals"

Horse riding is far from obsolete. In fact many countries still rely on the use of horses as their main from of transport.

You implication that horse riding involves a lot of cruelty is totally ridiculous. No horse rider is going to be cruel to a companion, friend, competition partner.

Yes there is cruelty to horses, dogs, cats, elephants and just about every other creature known to man.

Ban something more dangerous like crossing the street, driving a car, LIVING!!

Everything has an inherent risk in life doesnt mean you should ban it!!

Research your articles before you post such ridiculous comments!

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