Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The cellphone wars

Back in January 2007, when Apple's iPhone was unveiled by Steve Jobs, I was less than impressed with such gadget (as I widely described in a post dated back in those days). Nevertheless, other people found Apple's cellphone attractive and they bought their iPhones as soon as they could, which has given the iPhone a high degree of popularity among technology consumers, and a good position in the market.

But the real question was never whether the iPhone will ever become popular or not. It looked more appealing to see how would the giants of the cellphone industry would react. Would companies like Motorola, Nokia or Research in Motion just sit back and watch while iPhone invaded their market, or would they retaliate by launching equal or better products than the iPhone?

Until not long ago, the reaction of those companies still remained as a mystery, as no real action could be seen as a response to the iPhone. But just recently Nokia leaked some information about the product which they hope will pose a face-to-face competition to Apple's phone: the Nokia Tube.

The actual features of Nokia's new gadget are not widely known yet, however there is a video in Youtube in which it is very well presented the way this phone works: (click here if the video below doesn't work).

Talking about resemblances, the Nokia Tube definitely has some resemblance to Apple's iPhone. Would it be as successful as Nokia expects? And what products will the other giants launch to avoid losing their portion of the market? We will see. The cellphone wars have just begun.


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